Gear and Equipment

Our recommended clothing has four classes:

  • Manages moisture and wicks perspiration from your skin,” for the base layers.
  • Should be a durable, comfortable, insulating and wind/water stopper that breather able, soft fabrics are polarity wind, Gore wind stopper.
  • Windproof, waterproof and breathable like Gore-tax or similar (hard layers).
  • Insulating material should be down fill or synthetic-fill and fit cover all layers like, down, prim aloft and polar guard.

For sleeping:

Sleeping bag and stuff sack, on the mountain temperature, can get down to zero degrees Fahrenheit at night, so bring a warm bag. Sleeping pad, a closed cell foam camping mattress is OK; an inflatable Thermo-Rest is more comfortable.

For the head and face:

  • Pile or a wool hat-Bring one that covers ears, a balaclava
  • Shade hat-Are essential for protection from the equatorial sun.
  • Sunglasses-Bring a good quality pair
  • Sunscreen-Bring plenty of complete sun block.
  • Lip Balm

For the upper body:

  • T-shirts-Synthetics are the best.
  • Upper body layers-long underwear, a sweater and a pile jacket or heavy a wool shirt.
  • Rain gear-Bring a good of Gore-tax or waterproof clothes.
  • Wind stopper (optional you can use rain gear)
  • Mittens (Wool or pile)

For the legs:

  • Quick-dry hiking short.
  • Long underwear bottoms
  • Rain paint and wind paint as well.
  • Undergarment (enough for the duration of the trek)

For the feet:

  • Thin socks-Three pair of synthetic socks.
  • Thick socks-Six pair of heavy wool socks.
  • Hiking boot (one pair medium weight)
  • Gaiters-To keeps dirt, Cree and snow out of your boots.
  • Tennis shoes (to wear in the camp after a day of hiking)

For the drinking:

  • Water bottles-Three wide-mouthed bottle with a one camel bank (optional)
  • Water treatment-Bring a water treatment we’ll filtrate the water before you use.
  • Water flavoring (optional)

Day pack $20 – 30/trip
Rucksack cover/rain cover $ 3/trip
Camel bag/water hydration system $15/trip
Water bottle (1L) $ 5/trip
Water bottle cover $ 5/trip
Duffel bag $ 25/trip
Plastic bin liner (rubbish bag) $ 1 each – nonreturnable
Head lamp $ 10/Trip
Walking /Hiking poles (one pair) $ 10/trip
Batteries (variety variable prices
Binoculars $ 20/trip
Sunglasses $10/trip
Ski goggles $10/trip
Sun hat $ 7/trip
Warm hat $7/trip
Warm balaclava $10/trip
scarf $5/trip
Mitt or glove liners $4/trip
Neck warmer $6/trip
Warm mitts or gloves $10/trip
Hand warmers (one pair) $10 each – non returnable
Mountain/Hiking boots $25/trip
Gaiters $10/trip
Socks $10 non – returnable
Walking shorts $6/trip
Walking trousers $8/trip
Thermal Bottoms $8/trip
Fleece trousers $8/trip
Wind and/or waterproof trouser $15/trip
Walking T- sirt $5/trip
Hiking shirt (long sleeves) $5/trip
Thermal top $8/trip
Wind and /or water proof jacket $20/trip
Fleece jacket $25/trip
Down jacket $25/trip
Poncho $25/trip
Rain souit $25/trip
Sleeping bag $30/trip
Sleeping bag liner $10/trip
Foam mattress $15/trip
Thermarest $20/trip
Camping bed $20/trip
Sleeping tent $15trip
Camp table $30/trip
Camp stool $1/day
Camp chair (with back) $2/day
Portable toilet $150/trip
Toilet tent $20/day
Empty gas cylinder (big) $20/trip
Empty gas cylinder (small) $15/trip
Cooler box $8/trip
Water pump $140/trip
Oxygen cylinder $15/day
Oxygen saturation meter $25/trip