Vehicles and Fleet

Our fleet of 4 x 4 safari vehicles is made up of well maintained Land Rover TDI’s, Toyota Land Cruisers along with Toyota 4 x 4 mini buses and stretched Land Cruisers/Rovers for the family/group adventure safari where everyone can stay together. All vehicles are fitted with game viewing hatches or pop-up roofs, VHF radio communication, 2 spare tires, seat belts, first aid kit, removable shade cloths, and in some cases cooler boxes.

Fitted with three opening game viewing roof hatches or pop-up roof with a large luggage space behind the seats and roof rack for camping gear. Removable sun shade cloth, 2 spare tires, VHF radio call, tool kit, high lift jack., tow rope, jump leads, cool box holder. Larger leg space than land rover.

For camping and lodge safari’s, ideal for bigger groups or families. Fitted with full size hatches, giving a prime game viewing position to all passengers, luggage space behind the seats and a roof rack for camping gear. 1 or 2 spare tire(s), HF radio call, tool kit, jack, tow rope and jump leads. Spacious leg room and cabin. Note: On lodge-only safaris you will only need a driver so the car would hold a maximum of 6 (resp. 8) people. If you are using a tented-camp, semi-luxury tented camp or mixed lodge/camping option, you will also be accompanied by a cook. In that case the car will hold a maximum of 5 (resp. 7) people.